Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Sentinel treatment system do?

    The system is designed to treat dilute agrochemical waste amongst other contaminants.

    The Sentinel process cleans the water so that the contamination is reduced by over 99.9% to levels where the wastewater can be safely returned to the environment or reused.

  • Can the Sentinel treat wastewater with more than one type of agrochemical contamination?

    Yes. The Sentinel treatment system has been used for treating wide mixture’s of agrochemicals in wastewater throughout the World reducing the agrochemical concentration to below the legal disposal requirements.

    The Sentinel plant is in operation in over 42 countries Worldwide and has been independently tested by over 15 Universities and Governmental authorities. In two Independent tests carried out in the last 12 months the Sentinel plant and process gave outstanding results with over 99.99% reduction of contamination in both cases.

  • Can I treat more than one type of agrochemical in the same system?

    Yes. All Sentinels can treat mixed waste streams or batch products.

  • Can the Sentinel treat wastewater from agrochemical manufacturing, blending and packaging?

    Yes. The Sentinel plant is operating in over 100 agrochemical manufacturing, blending, packaging and testing facilities and plants worldwide. The Sentinel plant is operated by many of the worlds major manufacturers as well as many local mixing and blending companies.