Agrochemical Water Treatment Solutions

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Agrochemical Water Treatment Solutions

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A world-leading wastewater management company, WMEC are a UK based family company that 24 years ago developed and started to manufacture the Sentinel agrochemical water treatment plant – an Environment Agency, Voluntary Initiative, EU and World Bank approved system for the treatment and disposal of dilute pesticide waste, organic and inorganic pollutants generated frequently from the agrochemical/agricultural sector – primarily from the wash down, tank cleaning, testing, filling, and chemical store areas used during sprayer operation and maintenance, achieving a reduction in contamination by over 99.9% to levels where the treated wastewater can be safely returned to the environment or reused.  

The Sentinel water treatment plant offers one of the most versatile answers to many difficult organic and inorganic pollution control problems, capable of treating herbicides and removing heavy metals as well as pesticides, with the contamination treated immediately at the source.

Chosen as a proven piece of technology, Sentinels are already operating in over 56 countries at seed producers, flower growers, packers, arable farms, fruit farms, vineyards and research stations. The Sentinel has undergone many independent lab trials on single and mixed pesticide waste in countries including the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, USA, Canada and Australia. This extensive and rigorous testing has led to the approval and recognition of the Sentinel as the best practice product of the Environment Agency, DEFRA, World Bank and European Union. 

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Sentinels vary in size to cater for batches of 250 – 2,000 litres. With different levels of automation to suit purposes, combined with the availability of mobile units means there’s a Sentinel for every application and size of site. Easy to operate, compact and arriving on site factory tested and assembled it takes an average of 30 minutes to get up and running from delivery.

  • Dramatic waste minimisation at source

  • Treated water suitable for discharge or reuse

  • Eliminates the transport of bulk contaminated water to a licensed disposal site

  • Immediate treatment of contamination

  • Proven technology with plants from the 80’s still in use

  • Best practice preferred and legally compliant the Sentinel enjoys official recognition from environmental bodies worldwide

  • Automation to varying levels depending on your requirement

  • Simple to operate

Sentinel systems are used by over 1,000 clients worldwide